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Welcome To Sri Sri Karunamoyee Kali Temple

Shree Shree Karunamoyee Kali Temple in the banks of the Adi Ganga(Ancient Ganges) is one of the very few and glowing examples which speak of this traditional practice. Nandadulal RoyChowdhury, a descendant of the 27th generation of the Zaminder Shabarna RoyChowdhury family, founded this temple in 1760 A.D.The idol of Godess Kalika, the all powerful universal mother who created all of us, is installed in this temple and is worshipped daily. The shrine is popularly known as "ADI KALI BARI"(Ancient Abode Of Godess Kalika) or "Karunamoyee Kali Bari".
Now there may be questions on what prompted Shree Nandadulal RoyChowdhury to establish this temple.Is the "Karunamoyee Kali Bari" only a temple with an idol inside it?Or is it the place of worship of people of a particular faith?Or is it the outcome of the desires of a zaminder who erected an indestructible monument to earn fame and applause from tthe people of future generation?

Our News

  • 257th Kali Puja & Foundation Day celebration on 29th October,2016.
  • One time financial assistance for treatment to bonafide poor people.
  • Financial assistance to 3 persons for the marriage of their daughters.
  • Yearly distribution of food and clothes among 2000 persons in Lavpur village of Birbhum district.
  • Distribution od new clothes among the students of the Pathachakra and some financially backward people at the time of Durga Puja every year.
  •  Scholarship has been awarded to a meritorious female student at Coochbihar and a star marks recipient in Madhyamik examination at Burul, North 24 Pgs. also ten other students were awarded such scholarship.

No.Describing this shrine only as a Kali (The Mother Godess) temple will convey an incomplete idea of the activities of this establishment and hence will not be able to answer the questions placed above.The temple offers several services towards the society and particularly the distressed ones with the sole motto of "Jiba Gyana Shiva Seva" (Serve the poor as you will serve the lord).

India has been known for its rich treasure of spiritualism.In fact it is India whcih propounded and propagated the concept of traditional religion as well as of spiritual consciousness.Every blade of grass and every bit of dust of our country have been sanctified by the pious touch of the holy feet of the saints,sages and prophets born in India from the ancient times.
Cultivation of spritual power through worshipping the formless Brahma or gods and godesses with different images have been practised in India since the ancient times.In fact,the cultivation of spirituali power through the worship of Brahma or gods and godesses aimed at arousing the spiritual power latent in oneself and to achieve this power fully.This practise has come down the generations in India as a tradition since ancient times.

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