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About Our children

Name: Amit Mandal
Father's Name: Sri Bimal Mandal
Mother’s name: Aparna Mandal
Age: 10 years
Present Address: C/o Nirmal Mondal Mathurapur East (yuva snagha club) Sonarpur (5 mins walk form Bidyadharpur station ) Thana, Sonarpur , Kolkata -150.

Brief history of the candidate: Amits’s mother, Aparna Mondal, works as a maid help to households. His father, Bimal Mondal is mentally handicapped and is dependent on Aprana. Amit has another 5 year old sister, Ria.
Aparna’s main challenge now is Amit not getting any adult guidance while she is at work (mainly starts at 5 morning till 4 pm ). The boy is getting spoilt and performing poorly in present school. Amit is currently in class 4 in a local government school. seems he has failed couple of times.

Name: Sumit Mandal
Father’s name: Sri Parimal Mandal
Mother’s name: Shila Mandal
Age: 5 years 6 months
Permanent Address: C/O Ananta Mandal Bagula p.o Sindrani dt 24 Parganas.
Present address: C/o A.K Mukherjee BB 213, Salt lake Kolkata – 700 064

Brief history of the candidate: Father has left the family in distressed condition few years back. Mother is working as maid servant in salt lake. Her elder son is a resident student at an NGO organization called ‘Parivaar’ in Sajua. The average income of her mother is Rs 1000(approx) pm. The candidate is having good health and has no disease. His basic knowledge is at home and his habits are active.

Name: Arun Paik
Father’s name: Sri Gopal Paik
Mother’s name: Purnima Paik
Age: 6 years 5 months
Present address: C/o Smt. Kabita Bachka 27A M.N.Sen Lane Kolkata – 700 040

Brief history of the candidate: The parents discarded the child at the age of 1 year 6 months & from that time Arun has been brought up by his aunt, Smt, Kabita Bachka.

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