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Story of a Drummer

That the oracle made by the seven year old girl "Karuna", "I shall ever remain alive in the black stone idol" is still true and has become evident through incidents which are unexplainable by common reason and logic.During the lifetime of Sri Manimohan RoyChowdhury,about 100 years ago,Adhar Dhuli,a local,was the regular drummer of the temple.One day Adhar was going to Kalighat carrying a bunch of bananas-the first yield of a tree in his garden to offer as homage to goddess Kali.He sat under a banyan tree at Shabarna RoyChowdhury family's ghat(quay) for a boat to come.He saw a young girl clad in a red "Sari"(Ethnic Dress For Indian Women) came from the Karunamoyee temple.She came to Adhar and said "Listen,I feel like eating banana.Please give me some bananas from the bunch you are carrying.It will be benefitial for you". Adhar refused her rudely.Meanwhile a boat anchored.Adhar boarded it and looked behind towards the shore.He found to his surprise that the girl had disappered in a moment.His mission completed,Adhar returned home but a dejected man with the incident of the girl continuously pricking him.

That night the girl appeared in his dream and told Adhar, "You treated me with neglect and drove me because I wanted to eat banana.Do I only stay in Kalighat temple?I have been living in this temple down the ages." Her speech over, the girl changed into the image of Karunamoyee Kali. Early next morning, a repentant Adhar hurried to the temple,fell down on the feet of the goddess and begged for forgiveness.He took an oath to pay homage to the goddess with the first fruit of his tree from then on.He continued to do so till death.

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