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Sabarna Roy Choudhury Family

In the 10th century A.D.the famous king of Bengal,Adishura brought five Bramhins who knew the Vedas(the sacred text) well from Kanyakubja(Kanauj) for performing the religious activities including rituals like "Homa"(offering through sacrifical fires).One of them was Pundit Vedagarbha of Shabarna lineage(a descendant of the eminent sage Shabarna,son of the vedic sage Surya).

One of the 12 sons of Vedagarbha, Hal got a village called Ganga in Bengal.His descendants inherited the surname Gangopadhyay(serived from the name of the village Ganga).One of Hal's descendants of the 14th generation was Kamadevaa Gangopadhyay.An eminent religious scholar,Kamadeva was a devout worshipper of goddess Kali.His wife Padmavati gave birth to zaminder Lakshmikanta Gangopadhyay,the most versatile and famous person of the Shabarna Roy Chowdhury lineage.Lakshmikanta(1570-1649) was an efficient employee in the administrative and revenue department under king Pratapaditya.Impressed by Lakshmikanta's efficiency and ability in handling the administrative duties and keen sense of responsibilities,the then Mughal Emperor Jahangir conferred the title "Majumdar" on him.

Later during the lifetime of Keshabram Majundar(1650-1726),the great grandson of Lakshmikanta,the Nawab Of Bengal,Murshid Kuli Khan honoured the family by confering the title "RoyChowdhury".Later the family came to be popularly known as Shabarna RoyChowdhury,a combination of the Shabarna lineage and RoyChowdhury title.

Shabarna RoyChowdhury family was the worshipper of the goddess Kali.The estate of the family extended from Kumarhatta-Halishahar in the north to Behala-Barisha of Govindapur in the south.

Lakshmikanta's great grandson,Keshabram Majundar(RoyChowdury) had Shivadev RoyChowdury(1710-1799) as the fourth son.Shivadev,later known as Santosh RoyChowdury, beacame famous for constructing the new Kali temple at Kalighat.He began the work of construction of the existing Kali temple spending a huge sum of money and his successor,Rajivlochan RoyChowdhury,completed the construction in 1809 A.D.

Vidyadhar RoyChowdury(1640-1720),another great grandson of Lakshmikanta,installed a stone idol of Shree Shree Siddeshwari Kali at Halishahar after being asked to do so by the goddess in a divine dream.

At a time when the great devotee,Ramaprasad Sen(1720-1801) dedicated himself to the worship of the goddess Kali in the area close to Halishahar,Nanadulal RoyChowdhury,the only son of the benevolent zaminder Krishnadev RoyChowdhury(born in 1862),devoted himself to the worship of the all powerful omnipresent goddess Adi Kali(the ancient goddess) on the western bank of the Adi Ganga(the ancient Ganges) in the Behala-Barisha area.

Krishnadev RoyChowdhury was the second son of Keshabram Majundar(RoyChowdury),great grandson of Lakshmikanta.In other words,he was a brother of Santosh RoyChowdury.Krishnadev,like his brother Santosh RoyChowdury,was known for his efficiency and sagacity.

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