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History of Sabarna Karunamoyee Kali Temple

There are innumerable legends and supernatural happenings about the temple,told down by the people,down the generations.There is a significant history behind the founding of the 250 years old temple.The inaugral lamp was lit up in Shree Shree Karunamoyee Kali Temple during Dipanwita(the festival of lights) on a black moon night in 1760 A.D.

Historians sya that the pace where Nandadulal RoyChowdhury performed his worship was a pious seat of goddess Adi Kali set up in 1722 A.D.It is coincident that Nandadulal was also born in 1722 A.D.

According to stories coming down from generations,there was a powerful "Ponchumundi Asana" (a holy place with five skulls for performing meditation or rituals) where the present idol of Karunamoyee Kali is installed.A saint despite having a family,Nandadulal was an ardent devotee of godess Kali and had sage like virtues.As result of his devotion and dedicated prayers,Shree Shree Kaunamoyee Kalimata appeared in the form of a seven year old daughter(the goddess is worshipped in this image along with the Lord Shiva in his twelve different forms in the adjoining temples presently).

Nandadulal RoyChowdhury had three sons-Raghabendra,Ramacharan and Jagannath(according to seniority).Later Raghabendra's ancestral home came to be known as "Barobari" (the home of the elder brother) and that of Ramacharan as "Mejobari" (the homeof the second brother).The father of three sons,Nandadulal cherished an intense desire to have a daughter.The goddess he worshipped fullfilled his desire and the daughter born was graceful with good signs and was called "Karuna"(kindness) since she was born as a gift of kind blessing of the goddess Kali.She grew up with solemn physical beauty and mental qualities.She was seven years old when misfortune strucklike a bolt fom the blue.Karuna passed away leaving everyone in abysmal sorrow.The untimely death of the daughter left Nandadulal a shattered man.His heart bled.Unable to find solace,Nandadulal decided to go for pilgrimage to soothe his tormented heart.

The goddess he worshipped was moved by Nandadulal's plight.He had a divine dream where his daughter appeared and said "Father,please do not weep.I can never leave you.Go to the bank of Adi Ganga(Ancient Ganges) early in the morning.You will find a piece of black touchstone under the old banyon tree.Make an idol of the godess you worship with it.I shall remain in that idol for ever".Immediately after Karuna said this,Nandadulal saw the Goddess Dakshina Kali appeared in place of of Karuna.Overwhelmed by the divine dream,Nandadulal rushed to the Shabarna Chowdhury's Ghat(bank on the river side) on the Adi Ganda even before the dawn.

At that time 250-300 years ago,Adi Ganga was altogether different from what it is today.The flow of the wide river was unabated with regular ebb and tide.Laden with merchandise,boats rowed up and down.The murmuring stream meandered down its course close to the seat of Adi Kali Bari(the ancient abode of the goddess).The existence of KarunaMoyee Ghat Road is a mute witness to the huming activities in those days.According to some Rani Rashmoni travelled along this route on her way back home from her pilgrimage to Gangasagar about 150 years ago. Be that as it may be NANDADULAL went to the bank and found the piece of black stone under the banyan tree.The great devotee Nandadulal looked up at the stone as the goddess omnipresent in nature.He picked up the stone and brought it back with utter care.By the grace of the goddess Kali he met a sculptor very soon and entrusted him with the job.The sculptor curved out the image of an affectionate mother in the form of MahaKali(The Great Goddess Kali) standing over the Mahakal(The Loard Shiva).The face of the idol has tenderness and the eyes have the affectionate look of the seven year old girl.

Finally Nandadulal Rowchowdhury consecrated the idol in the temple with nine steeples during Dipanwita(the festival of lights held in the month of Kartik) on a black moon night in 1760 A.D.He aslo built twelve temples of the Lord Shiva which have exclusibe architectutal pattern of Bengal.

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