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Our Inspiration

The words "ideas and ideals" of Shree Ramakrishna have a deep significance.These words contain a live and powerful dynamic force which is everlasting,true and ever manifest.When ,how,where and through which group of people or individual will this force manifest itself,is not possible for ordinary people to comprehend.Shree Ramakrishna alone knows it and he arranges for its manifestation whenever he wishes according to his need.And whenever he makes it manifest through any one of us,we become instruments only.

"Service to mankind is service to God" is one of the aspects of Shree Ramakishna's teachings.We have taken up servicing mankind with humility considering service as a religion which Shree Ramakrishna has taught,as our means to worship god.We pray to Shree Ramakrishna to bless us and give us the strength to serve mankind the way he taught the world to do so.By the grace of Shree Ramakrishna and the strength given by him Ma Karunamoyee Sevashram has been able to conduct and complete many acts of service till now.

Karunamoyee Kali Temple

The Temple & Our Inspration

Shree Shree Karunamoyee Kali Temple in the banks of the Adi Ganga is one of Read More >>

Karunamoyee Kali Mata

Photo Gallery & Download

You can Download picture of our Temple, Karunakali Mata's Picture and other events Read More >>

Children's of Sabarna Karunamoyee Kali Temple

Our Children

Karunakali Temple is living place for Homeless children. You can see their details. Read More >>

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Donate us to grow, to help children and development of temple. Read More >>