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Present Days Of Karunamoyee Kali Temple

Time marches on.The span of the past 250 years has also sunk into history.To know a particular period of the past is to know what life was like at that time-the people,the society,custom,culture,economy,philosophy and religion.In other words,knowing a period of time gone-by whcih the present has been born out of.We only see the present.The past remains buried in history and the future obscure and unseen.

The history of the temple isa chronicle of 250 years.All that happended were and are predestined.Creation and destructions are twins and work hand in hand.The seed of creationlies dormant in destruction.And yesterday's destruction sows the seed of next creation:the creation carries along with it the destiny of an end,it's own destruction.Todays themselves become yesterdays when tomorrows become todays.The process continues and this moment sinks into the past with the next moment replacing the present one.The flow of time continues and every moment sows the seed for the birth of the next moment along with the fruit it will pluck.

The ground was prepared and the seed was sown 250 years back for what the temple is today.Who knows what the sees of today will give birth to in the future ?

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