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Story Of Villagers

There was a time in the past when villagers organised opera shows or staged drama in the temple yard for their entertainmen disturbing the solemn silence and quiet ambience of the temple.Devotees,who assembled in the temple to hold prayers for meditation were inconvenienced. No appeal could dissuade the villagers.On one occasion, a large number of venomnous snakes with their fangs raised entered the yard and the people fled abandoning the function.On another occasion, a swarm of bees and hornets came humming from nowhere.Those assembled for the show dispersed within moments.The goddess appeared in dreams of some villagers and said, "Look,my temple premises is preserved for my devotees for performing pujas,holding prayers and for meditation.I am staying here for them since ages.Do not desecrate the holy place or disturb the devotees for your entertainment." After this the villagers stopped organizing any function within temple yard.

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